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Our Story

Our Story

Confirel Co. Ltd was founded in 2001 by Dr. Hay Ly Eang, driven by the firm belief that rural development and the improvement of the living conditions of peasants were the cornerstone of a happy future for his country, Cambodia.

By giving a new impetus to the exploitation of thnot, the sugar palm, threatened by massive and illegal logging even though it belongs to the natural heritage of Cambodia and that it is also one of the main natural resources, Confirel wanted to demonstrate that improving the income of farmers goes through the creation, in Cambodia, of products with high added value from the countless resources of the country's soils. This conviction has never left Dr. Hay Ly Eang and it is to this day shared by all the members of Confirel.

From the beginning of the company, we have committed to offering the best possible products, to constantly developing and improving our production processes, to discover new concepts and offer impeccable service to our customers.

Palme d'Or at the 2005 Natexpo Fair, named in 2017 as one of the 100 best products of the year in Japan by the magazine Kingdom Cuisine then, the same year, firs prize at the ASEAN Food Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, our organic sugar Thnot is our banner on this road to excellence from which we have never deviated.

At the same time, we strive to improve the daily lives of our farmer-suppliers and to achieve our objectives in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Asian Development Bank and the World Bank have recognized us as a model company for sustainable development.

Our Products

Our Products

The prosperity and harmony of Cambodia depend on the happiness of its peasants. Committed players in sustainable rural development, we offer the world the best of Cambodian local products so that Cambodian farmers and their families can fully enjoy the fruits of their labor. Confirel is currently developing three major product ranges.

The first from the sap of Kompong Speu thnot, the second from the world famous Kampot pepper. Sugar, confectionery, wine, vinegar, spirits, red, white and black pepper, pepper sauce, infusions with pepper inflorescences: Confirel is constantly innovating to provide consumers around the world with authentic Khmer products. Inaugurated by KEM Probiotics, a concentrate of 50 natural and living probiotics, a third range of health/wellness products completes the Confirel offer.

Made from raw materials from areas of IGP controlled appellation, our products are also certified organic by ECOCERT S.A. according to European, American and Japanese standards. Confirel is the first Cambodian company to benefit from this triple international organic certification. Some of our products are also guaranteed halal. With strict quality control which goes first through our own laboratory and then through the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia, Camcontrol, LNCG, and Cirad in France with whom we work closely, Confirel guarantees the safety and quality of its products.

At the start of 2017, HACCP certification was awarded to Confirel for the processing and distribution of Thnot organic palm sugar, Kampot pepper (black, red and white), KEM Probiotics, syrup Thnot and Kampot pepper sauce. This certification was obtained after an audit conducted by the international organization TUV Rheinland. The objective of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is to guarantee the quality of food and therefore the safety of consumers

Through the exploitation of sap of thnot and pepper of Kampot, Confirel has developed an economic development model for Cambodian farmers that it intends to apply to other land resources in the kingdom.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The prosperity and harmony of Cambodia depend on the
happiness of its peasants.

Committed players in sustainable rural development, we offer the world the best of Cambodian local products so that Cambodian farmers and their families can fully enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Our Values

Our Values

Like the temples of Angkor, the sugar palm and Kampot pepper are inseparable from Cambodia. Authentic products from a unique land, they embody the Khmer soul. This authenticity is at the heart of our approach because the promotion of the treasures of Cambodian terroirs and the know-how of our farmers is the raison d'être of Confirel.

Committed actors in sustainable rural development, we want to be exemplary in respecting our producer partners and in protecting the environment.

By choosing organic farming, Confirel puts its convictions into practice by guaranteeing its customers healthy products, designed for their pleasure and well-being as well as to satisfy their desire to discover Khmer culture through the flavors of our lands.

By supporting the diversification of productions of our farmers thanks to capacities for innovation which open up new markets to them, Confirel actively participates in increasing agricultural income with the ambition of stemming the rural exodus and giving our countryside and its inhabitants their right place in the country .

As a promoter of a fair and united society, Confirel is developing a real CSR policy, mainly aimed at vulnerable people in rural areas and in favor of education. This policy was crowned by the CSR 201 trophy awarded by France's foreign trade advisors to Cambodia.

Our engagements

Our engagements

To preserve sugar palm trees and Kampot pepper, which belong to the natural
heritage of all Cambodians, to promote them and to make known throughout the world the exceptional qualities of these two products .

- to work to give farmers and villagers all the recognition and dignity they deserve and to obtain a decent income and standard of living.

-to extend the implementation of initiatives for sustainable rural development by encouraging the training of farmers and by setting up systems offering them purchase guarantees at a decent price over the long term.

- to offer unique products with an authentic Khmer taste, made from raw materials available locally and carefully selected for their qualities.

- to provide products that meet the requirements of the highest quality, innovation and authenticity while respecting our ethics in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility.

Our Brands

Our Brands

Combining ancestral know-how and innovation, Confirel has developed a complete range of authentic Khmer products: organic Thnot sugar, confectionery, Kampot pepper, herbal teas, sauces, vinegars, probiotics, wines and spirits.

Creation of Confirel.

Launch of the first fermented palm wine and first palm vinegar.

Ecocert organic label for palm sugar and palm vinegar (EC/NOP standard) and Natexpo Paris competition prize.

Until now, exporting our products to France, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Korea and Vietnam.

Ecocert (JAS) organic label for palm sugar and palm vinegar.

Launch of palm sugar candies: Candy palm and choco palm.

Launch of Kirum, the Kampot pepper sauce.

Launch of Kirum infusion with Kampot pepper.

Kampot Confirel pepper plantations obtain organic certification by ECOCERT S.A (European, American and Japanese standards).

CSR Prize 2016 & Official launch of Kem probiotics.

HACCP certification for Thnot sugar, Kirum peppers. KEM Probiotics, Kirum pepper sauce and Thnot syrup.

Opening of the new Confirel production site in Phnom Penh.

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