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Free delivery everywhere in Europe!
Free delivery everywhere in Europe!

Our certifications

Confirel products are manufactured in strict compliance with the regulations established by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Our sugar and other thnot sap derivatives as well as our Kampot peppers and their derivatives come from raw materials grown in the IGP areas of Kampong Speu and Kampot. Ecocert S.A. S.A. certifies this provenance. Our palm sugar, our palm vinegar and our pepper plantations are recognized and certified organic by the international organization Ecocert S.A. SA according to European (E0S), American (NOP) and Japanese (JAS) standards. Confirel is the only one in Cambodia to benefit from this triple label.

EOS: Ecocert S.A. issues certifications to professional activities meeting the EC 834/2007,889/2008 and 1235/2008 regulation criteria relating to organic farming in the European Union.

USDA: Ecocert S.A. has received USDA approval, which allows products certified by Ecocert S.A. to have access to the North American market, in accordance with the standards of the NOP (National Organic Program).

Ecocert S.A. has received MAFF approval, which allows products certified by Ecocert S.A. to have access to the Japanese market, in accordance with JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) standards.

This certification is an international standard that defines the requirements for effective food safety control. It requires analyzing the physical and chemical risks of food contamination and determining the Critical Control Points.

This PGI Kampot Pepper logo placed on the packaging is the guarantee of the origin and quality of Kampot pepper.

A Geographical Indication designates and protects a product originating from a specific geographical area and which has a particular quality or other characteristics directly linked to this geographical origin.

Kampong Speu thnot sugar IGP logo certifying the origin and quality of Thnot sugar.