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Les infusions Kirum font sensation au Festival des poivres

Kirum infusions cause a sensation at the Pepper Festival

On June 25 and 26, Rochecorbon, a small town in the Indre-et-Loire department in central France, hosted the second edition of the Pepper Festival. Why a Pepper Festival in the heart of the Vouvray appellation vineyard? Quite simply because this town is the cradle of the organizer, the Terre Exotique house, of which Confirel and its organic Kampot Kirum pepper IGP have been partners for a long time.

This unique event, free and open to all, aims to promote the origins, cultures, specificities and uses of peppers and berries that Terre Exotique has been promoting for more than twenty years, thus connecting civilizations and gastronomy. The sharing of knowledge was at the heart of this great cultural and joyful gathering which placed pepper at the confluence of many disciplines: travel, botany, gastronomy and history.

Alongside our IGP Bio Kirum pepper, visitors were able to discover the flavors of peppers from Brazil, Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Nepal, Chile, Vietnam, India, Tasmania, Iran and the Basque Country.

Dr. Hay Ly Eang, founder of Confirel, wanted to personally represent the company in order to salute the commitment of Terre Exotique for the promotion of our products. Besides our pepper, Dr. Hay Ly Eang also introduced the public to the Kirum range of infusions which generated a lot of enthusiasm among the public.

"This excellent reception of Kirum Herbal Tea pleases me because these infusions express, with pepper, the unique personality of Confirel which is to market original products demonstrating this idea that a good diet is good for your health", stressed Dr. Hay. “The pepper plant first begins by giving flowers that contain very little piperine but a lot of polyphenols, which is good for cell protection and the elimination of toxins. It is from these inflorescences that we produce the Herbal Tea range, the first product from Cambodia to be protected by an international patent. Then comes the pepper berry which contains more piperine but less polyphenols than the flowers and is therefore excellent for cooking. This complementarity is a major asset that did not escape Erwann de Keros, the founder of Terre Exotique, which will market the entire range of Confirel condiments. »

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