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Le sucre de palmier bio Confirel certifié produit de commerce équitable par Ecocert SA

Confirel’s Thnot organic sugar certified as a Fair Trade product by Ecocert SA

Following control procedures carried out by the international certification body Ecocert SA, the Thnot organic palm sugar produced by Confirel was declared to comply with the standards of the fair trade program “Fair for Life”. It is now the only palm sugar produced in Cambodia to benefit from the “Fair Trade” label.

“Fair for Life” promotes a fair trade approach that allows all socio-economically disadvantaged producers and workers to have access to a wider range of social and economic benefits.

This certification is the result of an approach undertaken by Confirel to open or strengthen new markets for products from the rural Khmer world and was carried out in consultation with a distributor based in Europe.

This distributor specializes in the importation of products from organic farming, the approach of which can or must be extended to all the relationships maintained by men with their natural, social or economic environment, namely: the choice to preserve the integrity of the planet and of the beings who inhabit it without distinction.

In concrete terms, this certification validates Confirel's social commitment to farmers and workers involved in the Thnot brand organic palm sugar production chain. This commitment is reflected in a support program for around 30 families in the production area in the province of Kampong Speu as well as some 60 other workers in the sector.

This program is steered by a Management Committee comprising elected representatives of farmers and workers as well as a representative of Confirel.

It is up to this committee to determine the actions to be implemented to help improve the social well-being of those who contribute to making Thnot organic sugar one of Confirel's flagship products on the international market. Renovation of ponds, roads and communal halls, loans, health checks, support for improving the quality of production are among these “Fair Trade” actions.

Inscribed in its genetic heritage, Confirel's commitment to fair trade finds in this certification an additional means of fulfilling its mission in favor of rural development in Cambodia, in particular by significantly improving the incomes and well-being of all those who live directly or indirectly from the products of the earth.

Confirel's emblematic product, Thnot sugar won the Palme d'Or at the Natexpo show in Paris in 2005 and first prize at the Asean Food Conference in 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City.

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