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Le sel de Kampot bientôt labellisé IGP, d’autres produits à l’étude

Kampot salt soon to be IGP labeled, other products under study

The Ministry of Commerce is preparing to register “Sel de Kampot-Kep et Fleur de Sel” as a national geographical indication product to promote the product in the market, the government news agency AKP reported. .

The working group in charge of the file, with the support of the French Development Agency and the World Intellectual Property Organization, is collecting seawater samples from seven designated areas of origin for testing in order to produce a unique and quality salt and fleur de sel, according to the ministry's intellectual property department.

“The Department of Intellectual Property of the Ministry, in collaboration with national and international experts from WIPO, organized a dissemination workshop and collected samples of seawater, soil and salt to control the quality of salt and fleur de sel from Kampot-Kep in the seven production centers. The positive results showed that these areas can be included in the Kampot-Kep salt and fleur de sel production area,” said Soun Vichea, Director of Intellectual Property at the Ministry of Commerce.

The ministry is also studying the possibility of registering a geographical indication trademark or a collective trademark in the fisheries sector, including “Kampong Som Dried Shrimp, Koh Kong Dried Shrimp and Siem Reap Fish Prahok”. , which are well-known fish products in Cambodia.

Currently, Cambodia has a few products identified as a geographical indication or GI, such as pepper from Kampot, palm sugar from Kampong Speu, which Confirel produces, processes and distributes, as well as pomelo from Koh Trong and wild honey from Mondulkiri. . The IGP “Poivre de Kampot” and “Sucre Thnot de Kampong Seu” are recognized by the European Union.

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