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Confirel renforce son implication sociale au Cambodge

Confirel strengthens its social involvement in Cambodia

Confirel was created in 2001 with the primary objective, at the time, of contributing to the rural development of Cambodia to improve the income of its farmers by promoting raw materials from the lands of the kingdom while respecting the environment. Its products are therefore the result of a strong commitment on the social and economic level but also on the cultural level because they are the expression of the authentic and unique flavors of the natural heritage richness of Cambodia.

More than 20 years later, the revitalization of the countryside is not only a necessity for the peasant world. It is now urgent to rebalance urban development and rural development in the kingdom. The galloping urbanization that the country is experiencing is not only eating up arable land. It contributes to climate change because cities consume a lot of energy and produce large quantities of greenhouse gases which have been shown to be responsible for global warming. Slowing down urbanization involves developing the countryside to make it economically and socially attractive.

This is why Confirel wishes to deepen its social commitment by making a financial contribution deducted from the sales of its products in France via its online sales site to associations/NGOs participating in the social and rural development of Cambodia.

Codeaukhmer, an association chaired by Mr. Ang Pitou, is the first to have signed a solidarity partnership agreement with Confirel at the end of December in order to benefit from the company's social commitment. In 2019, Codeaukhmer, with the student movement "United for Samrong", worked on the realization of the school of Samrong. Since 2022, with the support of World Vision and other partners, the two partners have been leading a program to develop the educational spaces of this school. It concerns the design and construction of a library as well as the development of the school's outdoor spaces. He designed and planned in consultation with the representatives of the village, the educational authorities as well as associative actors.

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